General Info A-Z

This page of our website will evolve over time. We are happy to take requests from parents about what it is that they would like to see in this section
and will endeavour to provide an informative list of information.

The information in this section has been listed alphabetically. Please click on the links to advance to further links.


Absence from school

IT'S NOT OK TO BE AWAY.  All students are expected to be school if they are well. 

Attendence Information for Parents and Caregivers.
Attendence Information for Students.

Annual Report
Every year our school publishes a School Annual Report. Click here to view the report.

After school care program

 See Outside School Hours Care.

Assembly – when and where

Assembly is held every second Friday afternoon commencing at 2.35pm. At assembly we talk about what’s been happening around the school, recognise achievements, hand out awards, and sing the national anthem.  During the second half of the year, each grade prepares a performance for assembly.. Parents are most welcome to attend.

Book Collection Day

On Tuesday 30th January between 11:00am - 1:00pm and 2:30pm- 4:30pm, families can collect their child's Book Packs and purchase school uniforms from the school office.

Classroom Helpers

At Mossfiel primary we encourage parents to be involved at school. A Working with Childrens Check is needed and a copy shown at the School Office for parents to help in the classroom. The role of the parent helper varies depending on the year level. Please contact your child’s teacher to see how you can become involved.

Digital Citizenship Agreement

Mossfiel has a Digital Citzenship Agreement which is part of our School Code of Conduct. Click Here to view it. 

Downloadable Forms

Parents may download School Notes from the Website. Just Click here to find the latest g.

Environment policies/recycling etc.

At Mossfiel Primary we are very environmentally conscious, and have a number of initiatives in place to support this.  We have made a commitment to become a more sustainable school. We identified the need to educate children about being conscious of waste and assist them to identify sustainable practices for school and home.

Sustainability units have been developed across the school, with a different focus at every level.


Mossfiel School Fete is held the Friday after Melbourne Cup Day.  Donations for raffles, stalls and fete activities are most welcome. Please see the office about how you can help the school.

H – N


Please see you child’s classroom teacher in regards to Homework policy in the various year levels.

Interschool Sport

The Year 5/6's participate in Interschool Sport throughout the year on Friday mornings. They compete against other schools in the local community in a variety of different summer and winter sports.

iPAD Program

Mossfiel Primary has a BYO iPad program that runs in all classrooms from Year 1 to Year 6. Mossfiel has purchased banks of iPads for Foundation students. Click on the heading for more information.


Library Technician – Meagan Widders

Children are able to borrow books each week.  Library bags are required to transport the books and keep them in great condition.  It is up to your child to remember to return books in order to re-borrow.  Reminder notices will be sent if books are very late.

Lost property

Items of lost property are placed in our lost property area located in Block B. Parents are encouraged to label All Clothing belonging to their children to ensure the safe return of the item.


This map of the school shows a building plan, helping you or your children find your way around.

Medication procedure

In the event of the need to administer medication to your child this  is the responsibility of our School Sickbay staff. We would request that if medication is to be taken at school, all medications are to be handed to the office on the day in the original container, clearly marked with the child’s name, room number, and dosage details.  Teachers cannot be responsible for reminding students.  The sickbay will record the time when the medication is taken.

If your child suffers from asthma it is recommended that an inhaler be kept at school and an asthma management plan must be completed. We are an accredited Asthma Friendly School

If your child suffers from allergies or is anaphylactic, an allergy management plan must be completed. We are an accredited Anaphylactic Treatment  School.

All staff are trained in the treatment of Anaphylaxis and Asthma conditions on an annual basis.

O – T


The school runs a Before and After School hours program to support families that work. If parents are interested, you find out more information from the School Office or speak to Bev Smith.

OSHC Program Survey: Click Here

Office hours

8.30am – 4.15pm each school day

Our School Office is a very welcoming, friendly area, providing information and administration to our school. The Hours are 8:30am -4:15pm each school day. Mrs Linda Spencer is the School Business Manager and Mrs Shelley Stretton and Mrs. Jan Williams our Administration officers. Both ladies will assist in any way to explain or answer your queries. They provide high quality information, about a myriad of school issues, in a friendly, yet professional manner. You can phone the office on 9749-1227 or fax us on 9748-9143 or email the school at:


Parents are encouraged to park safely around the school, at the start and end of the school days. DO NOT park in the staff carparks and please for your safety, do not walk through the staff carparks. Please do not block driveways nor double park to drop or pick your child up.

Playground Supervision

The school grounds are supervised from 8:30am to the first school bell, when children need to line up in in their class area. After school, the yard is supervised until 3:15, then any remaining students need to wait on the green seat for an adult or guardian to pick them up.


School Captains

At the start of each year our Year 5 & 6  students nominate and then elect our School Captains and Vice Captains from their peer group for the following year.

The successful students are presented to our school at an assembly.

School's Code of Conduct

All students are given a copy of the School's Code of Conduct at the start of the year. Click Here to view the document. 

School Council

The School Council is the legal body of nine nominated and elected parents, six elected representatives of the Department of Education, five co-opted members and the Principal.  The School Council is appointed in accordance with Government policies and guidelines.

The School Council is responsible for the management of the school, including finances, buildings, grounds, and equipment.  Much of the work is organised through sub-committees.  The School Council reports to parents through a formal written annual report, as well as regular articles in the newsletter.  School Council elections are held each year, in Term 1. Remember, the parents on School Council are your representatives.

Any parent wishing to become involved with any of the School Council activities please contact the school or any School Council member.

School times

See School Times page for details

Sick leave/absence procedure

Please phone the school on 9749 1227 and leave a message by dialing 1.
If your child has been away ill, you need to fill in an absence notice which your child needs to give to their class teacher.  All absences must be reported. 

Smoking Bans Around School
The Victorian Government has brought in legislation banning smoking near schools, child care centres, government buildings ect.. Please read the information attached by clicking on here, to further read about the new changes.

Sun smart policy

Mossfiel Primary adhere strictly to a sun smart policy.  Hats are compulsory in Terms 1 and 4.  Sunscreen is to be applied at home by a parent.  Children may apply their own sunscreen at school if they are capable (which we encourage). If your child attends school without a hat, they will be required to stay either inside or in complete shade during recess and lunch.

Swimming Lessons

The Foundation to Year 2 students can participate in our weekly swimming program for 8 weeks term 3. 

U – Z


Mossfiel Primary School has a compulsory uniform policy.  Please see the Uniform page for further information.
To view the school's uniform policy which is part of School's Code of Conduct, Click Here