Welcome to Mossfiel Primary School

Welcome to Mossfiel Primary School for 2020. At Mossfiel Primary School each of our 420 students are a welcomed and valued member of our school community.

Mossfiel Primary School fosters attitudes, values and understandings to enable students to attain their full potential as individuals and as members of society.

Mossfiel's School Vision 

We are a Resilient, Respectful Community of Learners.

Our main aim in the early years is to establish foundation skills necessary for further learning. The development of literacy and numeracy skills is of prime importance. We expect that all children will establish, to the best of their ability, the skills essential for success. Students are provided with a friendly learning environment that promotes independence, excellence and getting along with each other.

Our School expectations are

1) Move, work and play safely.

2) Resolve problems calmly, sensibly, safely and fairly.

3) Act respectfully towards yourself, others and property.

4) Work to the best of your ability and allow others to do the same.


These are our School Values.





The development of appropriate inter-personal and personal skills is also very important and we work effectively with our families to strengthen the children’s social development.

The school's focus is to make learning a positive, successful and pleasurable experience by being responsive to the diverse needs of all students.

Please enjoy our School’s website and come visit regularly to see it grow.