iPad Program

iPAD 2019

1 to 1 learning offers students with a personal, portable iPad with the opportunity to enhance their learning at school and at home.This initiative helps schools engage in the digital generation by nurturing individual (1-to-1) learning experiences, which can increase independence and self-initiated learning, and extend student learning beyond the classroom.

The Ipads will have access to the school’s network and the Internet through a wireless connection.

Students can respond to and keep records of feedback, including multimedia records of their learning and assessment. They will have anywhere, anytime access to work in progress and evidence of their learning, as well as to personal digital spaces for ongoing reflections on learning.

A learner’s individual, connected, digital device becomes an important part of a blended learning environment because it supports personalised learning and ‘real time’ integration of ICT into learning activities.

Benefits of 1-to-1 programs

A 1-to-1 Ipad program promotes improved learning outcomes both in and out of school, including:

  • anytime, anywhere access to digital learning
  • strengthening student and teacher technology use and skills
  • higher student engagement and interest level
  • independent, collaborative and student driven learning
  • an increase in student achievement
  • greater pride and ownership over student work and knowledge
  • opportunities for extending learning communities and collaboration to include family, friends and other schools
  • ability to have more focus on issues relating to cyber safety and cyber bullying
  • access to a wealth of information, multimedia resources, online tools and applications, and educational software for learning and presenting work
  • real-world context for student learning