School Uniform - Dress Code

Approved by School Council June 2018


It is School Council policy that students wear school uniform, not only at school, but also when representing Mossfiel Primary School away from the school, e.g. at school excursions and sporting events.

 Our School Uniform Code, supported by the staff and the School Council, also includes:



  • School uniform hats are either the green broad-brimmed, bucket or legionnaire hats - no other hats are to be worn, e.g. baseball caps. 
  • The wearing of school uniform hats is required during Terms 1 and 4 to be Sun Smart.   Students are encouraged to wear a school hat throughout the year. 


  • Hair accessories [ties, scrunchies, headbands, bows, ribbons and head scarves/hijabs] need to be in the school colours of bottle green, yellow, white or black only.
  • We recommend that long hair be tied back.
  • Only natural hair colours and no extreme hairstyles (e.g. Mohawk style) are permitted.


  • No make-up or coloured nail polish are permitted.


  • Safe and appropriate footwear is to be worn; thongs, open-toed sandals, slides and platform-sole shoes are not to be worn by students.  
  • Staff members are discouraged from wearing these unsafe /inappropriate shoes.
  • Socks and tights are to be in school colours of bottle green, yellow, white or black only.


  • Appropriate jewellery is permitted, i.e. watches, approved charity bracelets or badges, stud and small sleeper earrings (limit of 2 earrings per ear) are the only jewellery items to be worn by students. 
  • Jewellery that is likely to cause injury in the event of an accident is not to be worn. 
  •  The Principal’s permission is required to wear jewellery of a religious nature (these jewellery items mostly need to be worn concealed beneath clothing).


  • Sunglasses with plastic lenses may be worn. 
  • Students are encouraged to wear sunscreen (the school does not provide sunscreen).


  • The Uniform Shop is open on Thursdays each week from 8:30 am to 9:15am. Our uniform colours are bottle green, with our school logo on windcheaters, polo shirts and bomber jackets.   Order forms are available from the Office.