The Arts

The Arts at Mossfiel Primary School

At Mossfiel Primary School, we believe in the The Arts as a medium to engage and educate children. A global conference on arts education convened by UNESCO in 2010 endorsed accessible, high quality arts education as being influential on social and cultural cohesion. There is a growing body of evidence pointing to the positive effect of quality arts education programs on children’s academic performance, wellbeing and creativity. Arts is an avenue where all children can achieve success if given the right encouragement.

Students at our school have access to weekly 50 minute sessions with our skilled educators who are actively involved in local theatre and artistic groups. The sessions take place in well-equipped, purpose built venues. Children and parents enjoy our highly anticipated Annual Performance showcasing a variety of singing, dancing and acting skills they have learnt throughout the year. We showcase student’s visual work at the Wyndham City Arts Expo annually at Werribee Plaza.